Self diagnosing.

I would like to suggest for our educational institutions to encourage children on self diagnosing of colds and other illnesses, what health measures to take when contracted and what dietary requirements should be stuck to when Unwell.

This needs to be added to the curriculum as a major subject alongside with science.

The sad truth is that many parents do not know what is best for their children and will seek medical advice and even take it upon themselves to overdose their children on drugs when simply all they needed was a kiwi or another fruit with the enzymes that they were lacking to help fight off a rising temperature.

This will help relieve a lot of the pressure from our NHS which is in trouble of being privatised and whilst I know my kids and I will be alright there are many clueless parents out their who still want to be reassured by a professional who has the answers and this takes up time which could be utilised towards someone who really needs it.

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