Separate Strategic/Tactical Traffic in the City of Hereford

A ring road (or western bypass A49/A465/A438) will allow much internal traffic to avoid the city centre and will give an economic boost to the south of the city, some of the most deprived communities in the region. Businesses are deterred from investing in the area due to the unreliable road infrastructure links. A strategic bypass would allow targeted improvements to be made to the centre of the city.

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2 comments on “Separate Strategic/Tactical Traffic in the City of Hereford

  1. I like the ideas behind these suggestions. Most of the roads in rural Herefordshire are very dangerous for cycling and cycle lanes are greatly needed.

    Unfortunately it is hard to see how these roads could be widened enough to provide for cyclists without adopting strips of land alongside them, removing them from farmers or house holders. Where there are verges wide enough for a cycle lane, putting one in could damage the wild flower areas currently being encouraged.

    Such a project would need to be handled very sensitively.

  2. Another bridge over the river would be helpful. However, this doesn’t need to be a major ring road. People travel across a wide area of Herefordshire, so a new bridge doesn’t need to be near the centre of town.

    It would be worth making the Bridge Sollers route across the river more useable. The road is so narrow and winding that there are always trucks going to the industrial estate and tractors blocking traffic. It the road could be widened and straightened and extend further it could be an ideal alternative route for people travelling on the West side of town going north or south. It would also keep traffic away from the town centre.

    It would be very helpful if all roads across rural Herefordshire could be built to include cycle lanes. Many cycle groups use Herefordshire routes for long distance rides, it would be great to encourage this so that we could have our own Tour de France in Herefordshire as well as making it possible for more people to cycle to work or into town from rural areas safely. Currently cycling across the whole county is not safe!

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