Seven ways of creating a 21 century city

We need to adopt a vision/framework which allow us to plan local economy so that it aims for creating a safe and just space for its citizens. This means establishing a social foundation which will prevent citizens from experiencing critical human deprivation while, at the same being mindful of our ecological environment boundaries that prevent natural environment’s degradation.
1. Change the goal/ stop thinking about growth and productivity and start designing a circular model of local economy that nurtures human well-being and respects dignity of each person, encourages individuals to thrive and is mindful of the boundaries of natural environment/sustainability.
2. See he big picture, ie create a local economy embedded in local context rather than reliance on creating more growth as the only acceptable measure for a successful society
3. Nurture human nature- invest in people and citizens rather than local markets and growth
4. Get savvy with systems- do not follow mechanical

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