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As we all know, the town looks like a ghost town at the moment. There’s nothing at all to do when it is not summer time (which is 9months out of 12 a year).

I’ve gone to Gunwarf Quays several times and I can’t stop thinking why don’t we have a big shopping centre like that one in Bournemouth? That would improve our economy, we would have more tourism all year round because Bournemouth would not be just a beach town.

People love to walk in shopping centre even though they would not buy anything. High streets are every day dying a little bit more and I do think that we need to give a little boost to this town before we lost it by soaking into homeless people and thief.

To prove my point, if you travel to any city in the UK which has a big shopping centre, you’ll see it crowded at any time any day of the week.

We need to recover our town and I think this could give us the boost, economically speaking, that we need.

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2 comments on “Shopping centre

  1. The first year that Marks&Spencer closed in Bournemouth, when ever I was in the town centre, a holiday maker would ask me where it was, they didn’t want anther shopping mall they missed the beautiful old department stores. This was evident when I explained where M&S was. We to keep a balanced approach, think about it if you were going to meet friends for lunch or coffee, would you rather go to the town centre and maybe have a browse round afterwards or go to a large shopping centre, don’t get me wrong of course shopping centres definitely are needed, but our town centre is loosing it identity.

  2. The paving in the High Street is appalling. It looks cheap and dirty.

    Santa Monica in Los Angeles has a very similar layout to Boscombe but its paving is white and beautiful, I think maybe marble. The town centre has portland stone, also white. We need beautiful paving stone in the High Street.

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