Skateboarding Culture Pt. 2

Multi-use spaces such as squares and plaza’s that are skateboard friendly.
Many towns/cities (Hull, Nottingham, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Bristol and Berlin to name a few) are benefiting from considering skateboarding when designing public spaces.
There’s some books on this topic that are a great read, Iain Borden’s ‘Skateboarding & The City’ and ‘Skateboarding, Space and the City: Architecture and the Body’ also by Iain Borden.

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7 comments on “Skateboarding Culture Pt. 2

  1. Some expansion or addition to the existing parks and/or maybe some space for BMX bikes and roller skaters would be good. There is always a need to promote health and fitness among the youth.

  2. It’ll definitely cut down the amount of people skating in the centre. We need more skate friendly areas, so we don’t have worry about being hassled over a bit of fun

    1. Too right, the skateboarding community provides such a creative culture.
      As many are artists, musicians etc.
      Skateboarding is the longest standing subculture that has put MK on the international map.

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