Skateboarding Culture

I am suggesting that money should be invested into…

  1. Affordable/cheap Property for new/small businesses.
  2. Skateboarding culture – Milton Keynes has played a fundamental role in UK skate culture because of its uniquely designed architecture.
  • Not only is MK internationally known for skateboarding, but has attracted many from all over the globe for decades including world famous professionals, film makers and photographers.
  • When the purpose built plaza named ‘The Buszy’ got built at the old bus station back in 2005 it evolutionized the way which designers thought about how these purpose built areas can be designed. ‘The Buszy’ had extreme success and was featured in in countless magazines and brand/company videos from all over the globe.
  • Skateboarding is the only organic sub-culture that MK has to offer and is also the hottest trend right now which has gained mainstream status.
  • Next year we’ll see the introduction of skateboarding into the Olympics.

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