Skateboarding facilities!

The Mk Skate Scene recently ran a history of MK skating event in the city centre which documented Milton Keynes’ role in the history of skateboarding, how it has become a mecca for it and fostered professionals such as Alex Decunha. It was recently on the news for it! Ahead of skateboardings debut at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, this would be a fantastic way to accomodate the incredible growth of the sport. The Buszy is skateboarding legend attracting international attention, featured in this September news article from the BBC ‘How Milton Keynes became the UK’s skate capital. We could facilitate this growth with a new indoor city centre park, or a seriously upgraded outdoor facility in Newport Pagnell one of our largest towns, especially ahead of the new development due just off the M1 by Newport Pagnell, would be a good way of providing for all our new residents. Thanks for your consideration! Ethan

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7 comments on “Skateboarding facilities!

  1. No, MK does not need a skatepark, there are more severe issues that need to be looked at, that would benefit from financial support i.e. social housing (especially for single parents and financially struggling families), better healthcare system that enables access to GPS and hospital emergencies, more social activities for children with special needs and housing support for the homeless. Also cleaning MK would be great as numerous places are quite filthy.

  2. With big issues, such as healthcare, homelessness, mental health, food banks, a severe lack of social housing…. I don’t think a skate park is what MK needs most

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