Milton keynes has a renown skateboard scene with the buszy being an iconic park known by skaters all across the world, with skateboarding becoming a olypic sport in the 2020 olypics i think that it is about time our gov invested in some adequate facilities to better train more athletes in this area. we are very limited to some poorly designed and built parks and plazas and need somewhere in which to train all year round with courses built by actual proffesional ramp and park designers, an indoor facilty in a central location with close acess to public transport would put put milton keynes back on the map for skaters all across the uk, people used to travel far and wide to come and skate here but as out spots and parks are destroyed by complaints etc the scene has been slowly dying. Mk council have recently taken a big interest in the scene due to one of our own being in the runnings for qualifying for the olypics so it seems natural for some of the mkney goijg towards this.

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