Skills for our Young People

Our young people need to have the skills and knowledge to be see what jobs and careers are waiting for them.

In Boston, there are so many great employers, with a whole range of jobs available.

People think the only jobs are pulling cabbages out of the ground but that is just not true and we do our young people a huge disservice in not showing this.

The skills our young people need are changing too and we need to make sure Boston parents, carers, teachers and employers all work together to;

Raise our young people’s aspirations – allow them to feel the art of the possible is there for them

Develop closer relationships between schools and businesses so pupils see what is out there and understand what might be expected of them in a workplace.

Introduce more tech into schools so young people skills can improve by having greater access to high tech.

And stop thinking, this is Boston, you will never amount to much – change the record and start talking about how brilliant our kids are.

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