Slumlords out opf Boscombe

Boscombe’s beaches, the chine and the unique historical housing stock offer one of the most unique and most scenic environments among all UK urban neighbourhoods. Yet, Boscombe is also ridden with poverty and deprivation. While it may seem on the surface that this is driven by drug addiction and individual life choices, the reality of Boscombe is that housing prices are incredibly inflated with many tenants suffering from insecure contracts and from rogue landlords that refuse to invest in their rental properties. We need to crack down on those landlords as a community and as a city. We need mandatory repossessions of derelict properties, high fines for rogue landlords and we urgently need a change in property development strategies. No more useless one bedroom housing, no more council contracts for rundown bedsits and rotting ex-bed and breakfasts.

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2 comments on “Slumlords out opf Boscombe

  1. What a great idea

    We need to be very street wise on the precinct in Boscombe

    It’s not a relaxing afternoon out and spoils our coffee

  2. Addicts, mainly single males are attracted to Boscombe due to the free availability of hard drugs – fact – so get more police on this and close unofficial drug rehabs that are fuelling the demand Cheap accommodation and HMOs drive this but they and the landlords are not the cause. Get tough on drug supply and methadone scripts and the rest will follow.

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