Small Passenger Port

Transport links to Boston are very poor. Is it feasible to build some sort of small Passenger port as another means of getting here? Has this ever been considered? We have ships coming in from all over to our Docks. ”By 1848 Boston was the largest and richest town in the county but then the Great Northern Railway gave quicker access than by coastal shipping, and the port’s prosperity evaporated. For thirty years the town stagnated until the Corporation built Boston Dock and improved the Haven to start a revival of foreign traffic. It has expanded considerably during the 20th century.” Since much railway has been ripped out, our transport links are very poor, could this be another way forward? It would only need to be a small passenger port. This could offer services linking us up with other ports and be a tourist attraction in itself. 🤔 If it worked years ago in putting Boston on the map, why not again now? There is development land.

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