37 comments on ““Smart” streetlights

  1. I would like to see an investment into a nature area within the boundaries of the city, a green space with wildflowers to encourage nature. Making use of a space left to ruin perhaps.
    Also we desperately need an affordable place for sports for revenue and use ie a replacement ice skating permanent rink, or roller skating rink.

  2. I have often wondered whether solar powered street lights etc could work – my garden ones go strong even during winter months but I am not an engineer so realise this could be an incredibly naive suggestion!

  3. Great idea, businesses should be looked at in regards to unnecessary energy usage. Like lights That are left on over night when there are no staff in the building.

  4. Why is this not being done as part of ongoing maintenance when an ordinary bulb goes replace with LED. it also means it part of BAU works and no need for new money xx

  5. I agree with this, this could not only help the environment crisis but also save a huge amount of money on the electric bill for the city.

  6. Look after the many people out there with Disabilities and/or Mental Health issues, Prevention rather than Cure. If we look after our Vulnerable Society Members there is a much lower chance we will have so many suffering and needing treatments.

  7. Provide Employment for disabled(able) people, if they can and many want, they will then pay taxes and have a purpose, rather than just live in benefits and feel useless and depressed.

  8. I hate the new led lights recently installed on my street. They give an eery spooky light into the house and don’t illuminate the street enough.
    They have always turned off at 12 so they don’t need to be led lights for that. And they can be led lights but the blue white light is awful.

  9. I think this is a perfect idea because sometimes when i’ve been away and not got home until the early hours of the morning, the streetlights on my road and all around my area are completely switched off before midnight and it’s terrifying walking anyway in the pitch black especially since i’m only 18 and coming home late.

  10. This would be more of a job ticked off than an intuitive idea, LED bulbs have been around for ages! Norwich needs to do a lot more to work towards being green.

  11. Kick out all the beggars in the city centre.the town would be cleaner,less threatening and back to how it was three years ago….a fine city

    1. Kick them out? How about providing support services, hostels, helping people get back into work? We need to work with the causes of homelessness too, we’re all just a few decisions away from becoming homeless. You dont know what someone’s been through to end up on the streets. I’m hoping this wasnt a serious suggestion.

      1. Yes to support services, hostels, helping people get back into work. Many more people are facing financial ruin now.

        As the situation worsens, surely there will be work that the homeless could do in return for their food and accommodation.

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