Social Housing/truly affordable housing

Imagine being able to afford a house for your family and pay the bills without worrying about the other basics. Imagine a Northampton where if you fall on hard times you don’t have to pitch up a tent on ‘rat island’. A council that can fulfill their legal duties and minimise the distress of vulnerable children.

We can all see the housing crisis as we walk down Abington street. I come across it in my day job, as ‘paid-up’ renting families are evicted and struggle to find ‘affordable’ private tenancies. You can see it when you look at the prices in agents windows. I see when my rent goes out and I’m in my overdraft for the month.

Under the homelessness reduction act local councils are have a DUTY to house people in certain circumstances. People end up in hotels, b&bs, and temporary accommodation often out of area.

The lack of social/affordable Housing disproportionately affects single mothers, worsens mental health and we can see a rise in rough sleeping. Fix this now!

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