Social improvement

Something in place to tackle the huge drug in Hartlepool the town centre regularly has groups staggering about clearly under the influence of drugs in the middle of the day whilst children are about.
It seems to be accepted to just be literally off your face sat outside the shopping centre more a more proactive approach is needed to tackle this problem and just have the impression bits accepted and normal.
The public transport situation specially trains is horrendous more investment and planning is required to open up the surrounding areas such as Middlesbrough and Newcastle for job seekers which may help to tackle the growing issues with gangs and youths if they can actually feel they can build a career and not just be stuck in Hartlepool due to the lack of opportunities one train an hour with limited capacity is not good enough and the link to Durham via a bus that takes over an hour and no service to Newcastle drastically reduces Hartlepools link to the rest of the region

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