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  1. Potholes are a menace in and around Corby. Urgently need sorting out. Traffic has to keep swerving to miss the potholes and may one day cause an accident.

  2. Potholes need to be filled in. 100s of people are spending £100s on repairs to their cars because of the pot holes, in and around Corby.

  3. Upgrade priors Hall golf club house.

    Refurbished to new looking club house

    Money help fix the course. Bunkers.
    Alot of the money comes out of the course to help out place around the town.?
    About time the money went back to the course
    The people of corby..


    1. Using the great utilitarian mantra of the “the greatest good for the greatest number”, ANY amount of investment from £25m to upgrade/refurbish an already sufficient and fit for purpose golf club used by so few is an OBSCENE waste.

  4. The potholes in Corby are ridiculous especially roads that are not main roads and do not get much attention.

    More places for families to go to would be a bonus aswell

  5. Pot holes need to be repaired efficiently not just patched up. Brighter street lights. The new ones are too tall and don’t throw out much light. Bus links to East Carlton Park making it accessible for families without transport, especially in summer holidays

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