Some common sense with transport planning

The road infrastructure surrounding Rotherham’s town centre is incredibly badly designed (years and years of ineptitude and incompetence from RMBC planners regrettably). If our town centre businesses are to survive, they need to be provided with a level playing field. This means making the town centre more accessible, resolving stupid decisions made in the past (e.g. No right turn from Grove Rd to Moorgate) and free parking.

The issue of free parking is mentioned at just about every business meeting I have attended over the past five years, yet it seems to fall on deaf ears. If you want to attract new businesses into the town centre, the parking issue must be dealt with as a priority.

I’d also like to see greater protection provided to the town’s green spaces. RMBC’s planning department seems to have indicated a desire to build on many parts of former green belt land, yet there is an abundance of ex-industrial areas in the town crying out for redevelopment.

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