10 comments on “Sort out our potholes

  1. Please resurface Birds Royd Lane. It is in a terrible state and the repairs don’t seem to last long. It needs to be done properly and I’m sure this could be done with minimal disruption for maximum effect. Regards town centre could we look at shop fronts and whether original building features could be refurbished to enjoy the original architecture. Refresh some of the eyesores with replacement shop frontage. It would be wonderful to look at local charities too and what help they need which would have a positive effect in the town. Homeless shelter etc. We have wonderful events like 1940’s weekend and artisan markets. Let’s have more of these. Reinvent Brighouse and have a festival for something quintessentially English/Yorkshire or quirky, eccentric, which taps into its heritage (Brighouse and Rastrick band) celebrate something that it was famous for that’s been forgotten. Use it as a theme. (Eg Rhubarb triangle over in Wakefield could celebrate Rhubarb!) Just an excuse to get people together and have a light hearted laugh and spend some money in the town. Love the idea of changing all the road signs so they look like boulevard signs in Blue. The missing street light bulb on the bridge on the A641 as you enter Brighouse. They look lovely especially at night but looks awful with one missing. Replace quick fix.

  2. Sort out the grate for the water on Bramston street. Its gonna be a sinkhole soon, haven’t slept in weeks cause the loud duh duh noises

    1. Oh yes, I fully agree! Bramston street is getting busier & busier, with heavy lorries as well as non stop cars. The drain cover noise is getting louder and louder and only stops between 2am and 5.30am. I haven’t had a full night’s sleep for weeks.

  3. Brighouse is going through a malaise. Banks are closing, crime is high and pavements are littered with dog fouling. The town needs to re-invent itself. It needs to be more friendly to visitors, it needs to bring back its pride to residents. It has a wonderful industrial history which needs to be capitalised on. It now has an appearance of dereliction. The concrete grain silos should be removed, and quickly, they are an utter eyesore. Street names should be highlighted in modern colours eg white on royal blue, Parisian-style. It badly needs to make a statement to attract tourism to the town. It has a future, given the resources.

  4. Please re tarmac Birds Royd Lane it has
    been in a state of disrepair for years patching up doesn’t work and it is used by lots of heavy traffic due to the light industrial units it serves.

    1. Agreed live off this road and whilst there would be disruption to the industrial estate doing this on a Sunday or bank holiday would sort it . Whole road needs resurfacing

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