Sort out transport

The traffic getting into Bedford is ridiculous. Everyone drives into town from the same places. If the bus from Clapham was free, instead of upwards of £5 return a day, people would choose that route into town, the same with routes in from other places.
The roads are ten years behind what they should be, as the town will only keep growing, maybe it’s time for a ring road?

Additionally, Robinson pool and other facilities are turgid. The pool is freezing cold, hasn’t been re-tiled since the 70s, the changing rooms reek of urine and the facilities are dotted all over the town. (SAUNA AT OASIS, POOL AT ROBINSON’S). The fact that people pay £72 a month at towers should be proof that people are happy to pay good prices for a good facility.
We’ve got enough leisure facilities right now, we need the basic infrastructure sorted out. Three possibility of a conjestion charge to encourage people to use the bus should be considered, but maybe fuel duty tax is more important than the environment.

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