South Beach development

The jewel in the crown for Lowestoft should be our beaches and our promenades, they have been left unkempt for many years. South beach and the lower prom should be a beacon for our townspeople and visitors alike, however this area is unkempt,unloved and feels neglected, this is an area that is looked after by East Suffolk council. Jubilee parade is a mess of decaying concrete beach huts and dilapidated buildings. Sunrise at Zaks is one of the most popular cafes in Lowestoft and they are operating out of a cramped and dilapidated building. It is high time the council invested in this area. The business case is clear, this will bring more visitors into the area and create more income for businesses in the town. The beach is neglected along with the lower prom, it needs lighting, the beach should be raked regularly to remove detritus, the cliff face could be landscaped to give an attractive look to the area, the beach could have boardwalks for people with poor mobility.

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2 comments on “South Beach development

  1. I agree with Clives comments Lowestoft have 2 great assets 1 being the Beach and the other being the Broads, Ive lived in Lowestoft all my life and watched both the beach and Oulton Broad Change, The South Beach itself has changed naturally for the better as there is now a bigger sandy beach than ever! However the state of the seafront is the worst ive ever seen it, In fact parts of this has become an eyesore as mentioned by george, The clearmont pier has recently been taken over and is already looking better, while the south pier is looking very run down, this is part of the towns heritage, As mentioned in other posts maybe a tram service using current rail tracks (if possible) that links the beach/town area with Oulton Broad to allow tourists easy access to both and making the docks area into a heritage centre with a museum and cafes to bring people to the town,
    If we gave the seafront a new lease of life and developed the docks area this would bring people to the town and encourage people back,
    When i talk to people from out of town they all tell me how nice/great it used to be but not somewhere they currently visit

  2. I absolutely concur with Clive’s observation and suggestions. The person within Suffolk CC for the seafront portfolio should be ashamed of the poor efforts afforded to Lowestofts seafront residents and especially visitors to the South Beach. Indeed the South Beach area and lower prom has been neglected for +30 years which is my residency within the town, I’ve walked it enough times to reflect on its condition. The saga which is the concrete beach huts adjacent to Sunrise at Zak’s is laughable if it wasn’t so serious and detrimental to the overall look of the prom, who remembers the First Light Festival visitors last year who had to look at that eyesore, then we had the site of the beach huts floating away on the spring tides after being placed on the beach to work on the beach huts which just faded away. Trying to extract information from anyone in Suffolk CC on what is happening in this regard is nigh on impossible, so where are you speak up, what’s happening with the concrete beach huts, is work about to start?
    The great cafe that is Sunrise at Zak’s, probably the most popular cafe along the length of Lowestoft seafront but the owners are treated like mushrooms with little proactive information offered to them or to the general public although any works on these beach huts directly effects this business and the public/visitors.

    A great idea on boardwalks, the beach is wide enough in this regard.

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