Spaces for young people

Creating pods with benches inside for young people to gather in, so childrens play parks and other public spaces aren’t crowded by teenagers. It will give them a space to go and stop hanging around on street corners and parks. They will be made eco friendly with benches, bins and possibly a water fountain. This will help reduce the amiunt of teenagers and prevent their “intimidation” on younger children and families. They will be dotted around Worcester and the suburbs allowing young people to have a space of their own. This will not only be suitable for sunmer weathers but also winter weathers when there is a lot of rain.

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3 comments on “Spaces for young people

  1. Sounds like a great idea, we have lost most of our Youth Service over the years.
    Time to start to redress that omission & engage Young People again.

  2. There was a ‘pod’ like this next to Tesco in St Peters along with a Multi Use Games Area.
    The pod had to be removed because of persistent anti-social behaviour.
    One example: the teenagers thought it was fun to throw their food & drink litter onto the ground instead of putting it into the (several) bins that were immediately in front of them.
    Groups were repeatedly asked to put their litter in the bins, and signs were put up to remind them, but they began piling litter on the ground next to the empty bins.
    Teenagers inevitably succumb to anti-social behaviour, littering, graffiti, vandalism, and worse.

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