With the Olympic Games coming up this year now is a better time than any to get people interested and focused on sport. There’s so many children out there that just need something to focus on. A multi purpose leisure centre or individual focus points either way I feel like this would be the best investment. You need sports that will grab their attention like invest in boxing, bmx trials, trampoline, weightlifting and ice skating/hockey. That’s just a few examples of fresh sports to bring to the town more investment could also be made into adrenaline alley, the tennis courts and swimming pool. Not necessarily improving the facility’s as they are already of a high standard but some sort of subsidiary to try and get fresh talent through the doors. Sport gives kids a focus. You could also set up a troubled child program where those at risk from exclusion from school or getting in trouble are encouraged to come along to hopefully give them the discipline confidence focus and drive.

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