Sporting Facilities

Millom have recently lost the use of the all weather pitch & a swimming pool due to poor maintenance. Meanings 100’s of kids within a 20 mile radius are being denied vital sporting facilities. Schools have to travel 30 miles to go swimming or not go at all even though it’s part of the curriculum wasting vital funds on travel costs that could be spent other ways. The current recreation centre isn’t fit for purpose as the gym equipment needs replacing, their isn’t enough space for all the equipment and the schedule to hire the actual hall is very limited due to the vast amount of activities they put on. Millom is the main town within a 25 mile/45 min drive away and should be able to provide swimming facilities for the 9 school’s they have in the area and the various rugby & football teams from ages 6-60 that are currently unable to use the all weather pitch or hire the recreation centre. Millom is desperately in need of these vital facilities that should be standard necessities.

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