Sports centre

Sports centre which should include a membership and be able to use all facilities with your membership, Also included in the centre a swimming pool.

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5 comments on “Sports centre

  1. We are blessed with many open spaces to be enjoyed by residents and visitors alike, it would be great that a kitty could be available to keep one of our greatest assets repaired as necessary.
    Our sea wall is a wonderful place to walk/run round the potholes now are increasing, instilling a fund to repair these holes naturally (Not tarmac) shouldn’t cost too much, it would prevent the increasing amount of erosion around the potholes.
    I would not want the sea wall to be tarmaced as I worry it would become a rat run for cars and bikes, however maybe a pathway about 5 metres wide all the way round, with sufficient dog poo bins.

  2. I would like the money spent on an inclusive sports centre with a proper swimming pool.
    With a decent gym that provides equipment for disabled people too
    A jacuzzi n sauna as they can help with people’s aches/pains.
    Good changing facilities with private area for disabled.
    A nice cafe
    Possibly a meditation area, so people can just relax

  3. A gym, with disabled access/facilities
    Jacuzzi n sauna as can help with people’s aches/pains.
    A cafe
    Specific n private changing facilities for disabled.

  4. A recreation/swimming pool centre with 2metre wide 1km length outdoor running surface, the town and surrounding area has a great history in sporting achievement and if there were something like this it would be a great asset to all age groups would help all the local populace in health, fitness and greatly improve the well being of all which in the long run would reduce costs of medical services in the area. A fit nation is a healthy nation

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