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The town is massively behind when it comes to grassroots sports facilities. There is a lack of usable pitches, and the council currently do a terrible job of maintaining them. There are also no municipal changing facilities for teams on a Saturday or Sunday, which puts a lot of young people off. If the three full size pitches down hall park were re-laid with drainage, then some changing/shower facilities were built, it would be a huge improvement.

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5 comments on “Sports Facilities

  1. With regards to the area the Ellis Sports Ground could be improved to create a local sporting hum in what could be considered a poor area. There is room for a number of football fields, a possibility of an all weather ground whilst maintains two rugby grounds. With this an jogging run could be created around all the fields. Extra accommodation would also e required for youth involvement

  2. I totally agree with comments above.
    I would like affordable activities for children and young people such as youth clubs.
    Financial support to extend to make available the youth music place sorry i forget the name attached to the theatre royal this is a brilliant activity for the children & young people of workington.

  3. All the drainage in the world won’t help pitches on a floodplain but what our town is crying out for is a multi sport stadium with all weather practice pitches alongside, this gives local talent the chance to perform to the best of their abilities, West Cumbria has been left behind in the dark ages when it comes to top class sports facilities, we lost the right to host some world class athletes in the upcoming Rugby League World Cup because the proposed stadium was knocked back, we don’t have much to look forward to in our little bit of England but we do love our sport and the future of young athletes could be catered for with a top class sports facility.

  4. It massively needs improvements done from the amateurs/kids teams right through to Workington Town and Workington AFC. Why not move away from Hall park and build a community Stadium for all Workington teams with modern facilities that the young people of this town deserve. It’ll also keep young stars of the game here instead of looking elsewhere for better facilities.

    1. Absolutely. That would be the best option, but we seen how the council scrapped plans last year for this. Maybe if they got a grant they might re-considder, but I imagine they’ll go for a cheaper option.

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