St Johns train station, and Evesham to Malvern rail shuttle

Rebuild the railway station in St Johns.

Create a frequent rail shuttle between Evesham and Malvern, calling at new Worcester parkway and existing Worcester stations.

There used to be a station in St Johns, the empty site has enough room for a platform to be rebuilt.

When the Severn floods, all foot and road bridges in the city are shut, only the railway continues to run.
A station in St Johns would provide reliable transport over the river.

In normal times, if you live in St Johns, it is not convenient to travel by train, because the stations are on the other side of the river and you have to fight through traffic to reach them.

A frequent rail shuttle between Evesham and Malvern, calling at Worcester Parkway, ForegateStreet, and a rebuilt St Johns would be really useful to link these towns together, reduce city traffic, and provide a connection at Parkway to the fast main line from Bristol to Birmingham.

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4 comments on “St Johns train station, and Evesham to Malvern rail shuttle

  1. I don’t know the answer, but sense a problem. The rail operators, but also the public want faster services and to reduce opportunities for delays. If there is to be an additional stop between Foregate and Malvern Link it surely makes sense that this is provided at Rushwick. It helps to future-proof St John’s residents in times of flood and without to much of an extra journey time, but also open up the prospect of a commuter park and ride for those driving in from destinations to the west of the City which will also reduce traffic congestion and air pollution etc in St John’s and into the City. This does however depend on collaborative City and County policy to discourage car users entering the City and incentivising them to park and rail. I suspect, (but don’t know), that in terms of a commute from St John’s to Evesham or Malvern a station at Rushwick just as convenient and no more expensive than a station in St Johns. Even better if safe and convenient cycle parking was provided at the station (unlike Worcestershire Parkway!) and their was increased cycle capacity to take bikes on the train (but more of a Government issue unless you own a folding bike) as this would mean you could cycle from Evesham or Malvern stations to your final destination.

  2. These are all great ideas, and living in St John’s it’s a pain to get to Malvern or Hereford via the city centre. This would reduce commute times and traffic into the city centre. It would have really helped during the floods.

  3. Good idea

    frequent easy train shuttle between local towns.

    Somewhere for tourists to park at the new Parkway station and get the train into the city, and get their cars out of our city traffic log jam.

    Rebuild St Johns station
    If you live in St Johns and commute to Malvern by train its a pain to bike to Foregate then travel right past your home on the train.

    It took about an hour to cross the river on the improvised system in the February flooding.

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