Stone paving of historic streets

In the 1980s the bitumen surfaces of Church Street, Grape Lane, Sandgate and Henrietta Street were replaced by stone. This work had a transformational impact on the historic core of the town increasing visitor numbers with consequential economic gains. My proposal is to replicate the success of this scheme on the west side of the town centre by stone paving the following narrow historic streets – Cliff Street, Silver Street and Hunter Street to deliver the following benefits:-
1 The character of these streets which are flanked by many listed buildings would be enhanced in turn generating business confidence and economic regeneration.
2 The attraction of this part of the town would be much increased, these streets are often missed by tourists and the extra footfall would benefit retail and food/drink outlets. There would also be spin-off benefits for commercial premises in Skinner Street with increased investment and employment opportunities.

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3 comments on “Stone paving of historic streets

  1. Great idea. I’ve always wondered why just Sandgate and Church St were cobbles. However,better cobbles are needed as there have been too many comments about the existing ones not being good enough.

  2. Whitby is known as being a historic town. If Whitby is restored on each of its streets to stone paving as opposed bitumen then the look and feel of streets will be transformed. Tourists talk about places they visit to their friends and the wider world through social media. Tourists share photographs of places they visit. If they see attractive looking streets, looking and feeling ‘authentic’ then the knock on effect is that more visitors will come. More visitors equals more revenue. Whitby is able then to make additional necessary changes whilst also taking care of residents, schools, hospitals. Again. It’s a natural win from a relatively simple renovation.

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