Stop Destroying Urban Trees

It was recently reported that a tiny forest of 600 trees is being planted in Oxfordshire to tackle urban wildlife loss; the benefits including storing carbon, soaking up water to reduce flooding, attracting wildlife, reducing dust, improving air quality and reducing noise pollution.

A couple of weeks before this, Doncaster council cleared an area of woods in Balby, near the town centre, for what appears to be no reason. This was a small area of natural woodland of off Sunningdale Road and Cross Bank. No information is available as to why and no reports made the news regarding this clearing and nothing seems to have been done with the land since.

Can we spend the money giving councillors and planners in Doncaster lobotomies in order to improve their cognitive functions.

Any left over funds can be used on either new projects to bring a little nature into our towns or to regenerate those natural areas needlessly destroyed.

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