Stop trying to win the vote of the older generation

Be honest, to move Scunthorpe forward you have to adhere to what youth want, we keep moving out of this town because there’s nothing. Stop catering to the older generation, stop acting like it’s great to promote local business and business start ups and give national shops and national chains! Local businesses aren’t going to move the economy forward, it isn’t going to keep youth in this town and it’s not going to bring people to town. Get with the times and get modern.

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3 comments on “Stop trying to win the vote of the older generation

  1. A comment written by someone with a hidden agenda – not by a young person. ‘Youth’ is a word used by councillors to describe young people.
    ‘Adhere’ to is corporate speech.
    For too long has the narrative of consumerist trash been spoon fed to residents. While the rest of the country had 80s developments done in the 80s, and has now moved on from ‘catering’ to huge companies and telling youths that the youth things they want is sitting in a globalist coffee chain drinking overpriced coffee and eating empty-calories dry pastries. That was well over a decade ago the rush to have enormous companies littering towns and brainwashing citizens into thinking they’re moving with the times. How much does a chain like Starbucks add to the local economy? It employs a few staff but think about the rest of the supply chain – directors, suppliers, delivery drivers of supplies, store planners, designers and builders are all part of their wider brand and no one local. These chains are moving interest to less developed places in the uk because they are being shunned by the more developed ie places where residents don’t fall for overpriced, over marketed money traps, and instead want healthier, better value experiences. Which isn’t a lifeless chain that you’d find in some sad corner of a small airport. Scunthorpe move forward to catch up with the classier tastes of others in the country. Otherwise you’ll be a slave to the box ticking culture of the north Lincolnshire council. As for the council: If you want to understand the ‘youth culture’ of today then consider that the experience – both literal and aesthetically – are equally important (who wants to post a photo of a depressing corporate nero chain store?) We are the internet generation and aren’t as gullible as you think. Telling us you’ll build a new football stadium to distract from the ridiculous Lincolnshire lakes project which should never have happened, telling people to believe that ‘development’ as a heard word must be a good thing without any questions asked. Then saying actually there will be no stadium but all the other random development will go forward while Scunthorpe sits and watches it’s roads become congested with new housing developments that are so far from most N.Lincs jobs (it’s main argument for developing the Lincolnshire Lakes was that it was near the Humber/hull which is creating jobs) so that it requires lots of travel and even more spent on Lincolnshire’s roads – which are mostly used by companies driving through who add little to the local economy and get away with developing their industry in Lincolnshire because residents don’t cause a fuss and let it happen, or so the council thinks… it’s a complete joke of a council who have done nothing to improve the lives of residents, while pocketing money from companies so that north Lincolnshire can become a dumping ground for industrial parks – which isn’t all bad, but where has it actually improved the lives of residents? What has got better, really? Absolutely nothing. Planting one tree in the last ten years would have done more to actually benefit residents than anything they’ve ever done.

  2. you only see councillors when its election time but its no good spending money on the town centre whilst the council keeps allowing out of town shopping they should take a look at what they have not achieved to do as far as traffic is concerned is no good widening roads town centrer is dead as far as Scunthorpe is concerned the market is just about ok still plenty of spaces empty and if they offer reduced rent for the first six months people might come to Scunthorpe I rember when people used to come to the town canter when it was a good shopping even the every week but not now at all only a few shops left now

  3. north lincs councillors need to take a long look at what they have achieved in the last 8 years and how much of the decline of scunthorpe and area is down to them.we had mary porter with advice the building of engineering block which was stated would bring more trade then the fasico of markets even with public opinion against this councillors know best now it is not thriving and stall holders are ask to pay 3 times the rental with less trade Green areas taken over for this affordable housing. north lincs council give out residents funds ie government funding council tax and precept like confetti less services and no accountable,for what they do

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