Street Art Projects

Funding for murals and street art to brighten up the bleak and aged town centre. It’s worked wonders for Beeston. It may help attract people back to the markets and shops.

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  1. Tiles and Mosaics
    The library and the York Chambers micro pub are two of our most beautiful buildings and they both have tiles and mosaics. I believe we could use tile murals and mosaics to beautify our town and stamp our identity and culture on it. We could have tile murals or mosaics reflecting the towns industries, its history and local flora and fauna on them. Perhaps some of the art owned by Erewash. We could run competitions among local artists and school children. Spread throughout the town they could pull buildings of different ages and decorative standards together. Sponsor a company that produces such tiles to base themselves/ set up in Long Eaton. A ceramic printer, an acrylic printer and a kiln would cost less than 1/500th of the amount we can bid for. We could have patterned tiles based on historic lace patterns.

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