Submarine Heritage Centre

Barrow in Furness will continue to be a backwater for tourism unless a high quality attraction/experience is available to attract and sustain high visitor levels. This should be a bold, new, unique and exciting initiative to reflect Barrow skills, which is building the worlds finest submarines. The opportunity will then be available to tap into the 45+million annual visitors to the Lakes and Cumbria, link up with other local attractions and increase the footfall for the whole area.

Submarines are of major interest so this initiative will be to construct a stand alone centre and/or as an annexe at the Dock Museum showing the process and skills involved of the build from start to finish, include a submarine mock up and finish with a depth charging sequence (the fun bit ). This mock up would be on one level, visitor and disabled friendly, educative, informative and memorable.

This would serve as a tribute to Barrow, the 300+ submarines built and to the 80 lost in wartime.

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