Subsidised Adult learning centre

I would like to suggest a subsidised adult learning centre with evening and weekend classes for those that work full time. The cost of adult learning for those not on benefits can be ridiculous yes people work full time but they don’t have that much disposable income. Some people would like to better themselves but just can’t afford it or the classes are in the middle of a work day so can’t attend anyway. Could offer A levels to help get into Uni, sign language, hobby classes such as sewing, woodwork, gardening etc. The stuffs made in class could be contributed back to the town in some way maybe? This would also be positive towards the community mental health and create a stronger community as Adults would be meeting other likeminded people in their area.

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  1. You are absolutely right, we should work with Derby Adult community learning on this, as well a facilitating, community lead learning and groups meeting together to do their hobbies and share expertise.

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