Where to start?
Goole lacks everything, from cleaning services, to urban planning, past the lack of attractions to simply urban works and art.
The existing showroom does not have a visible program, nor is it broadcast in the enxesting media.
In this city, there is no plan for the occupation of its residents, teenagers and pre-teenagers, turning them to recreational activities, in contrast to the clandestine trips to liquor stores or the purchase of cigarettes, or simply acts of vandalism. .
The traditional trade is dead, for that we just have to go to High Street to check it out on the spot. The daily market does not exist, a large commercial and recreational area should be implemented to promote traditional commerce, which is open until late, since today, life in the Cities does not end at 16 P.M.
these are some suggestions that I think are suitable for discussion.

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  1. Still have concerns for the large amount of wagons leaving the m62 at jun 36,? Travelling through small villages..Rawcliffe..Cowick..Snaith to drive to ind in Pollington. These roads are not safe for high volume of HGV. Would it not be viable to put some funding towards a new junction at Pollington for the M62?
    Councils seem to want lots of housing built around Snaith area..but theres barely any amenities and lots of passing through cars and HGV

  2. Drug, alcohol and substance abuse and anti social behaviour in and around Eastgate needs a structured and forward plan to tackle this. Fly tipping is also a major concern on the estate. I have as yet, not seen any plan/s for updating a very tired council housing estate in the centre of Goole, only word of mouth. Does ERYC/GTC have any plans at all for this very rundown estate, apart from demolition?

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