Sunrise look out perch early morning economy

I have seen some amazing sunrise for the first time recently and nobody told me that seeing them live with real eyes was so much more extra special. I recently filmed some amazing sunrises only slightly higher than my pov and got some amazing sight. Also I have come to realise that Skegness could use the sunrises to create an early morning economy creating a place people can view the sunrise and buy a tea coffee or even have a sunny side up breakfast, if you were to build a platform that goes up from a slope up where the grass sandy bank, towards lifeguards hut and make it accessible to everyone, and have a gift shop and refreshments located with perfect seating for people to watch the sunrise, maybe put see through windows views to allow viewing with comfort. That slightly higher point of view will boost the magical view making for the perfect reflections of the sun as it rises. services around the moment could make for early morning economy, sell the sunrise (Services)

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6 comments on “Sunrise look out perch early morning economy

  1. Fabulous seed of an idea to be played with! There could be several viewing areas along the coast built within sustainable and environmentally inspiring ways.
    Options without spending outlets included too would be lovely to keep the viewing experience open to all and natural.

  2. The beach is a lovely place that I enjoy walking along on a regular basis. This platform would indeed be a wonderful idea

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