Support essential shops first! No hipster gentrification

The council seems to have learnt nothing from lockdown and continues to subsidise and promote creatives over essentials/key services. Nobody was queueing up in desperate need of a macrame ouija board during lockdown were they? Subsidise food, hardware and other essential shops/businesses FIRST. And if council members are that preoccupied with turning Bournemouth into the new Brighton, suggest they put themselves in for a transfer there instead. Ordinary people, keyworkers etc, want ordinary services and shops for essentials. Not “spaces for creatives”. Please stop funding your hipster mates’ hobbies. Ordinary people want to live and shop and work here.

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1 comment on “Support essential shops first! No hipster gentrification

  1. Good point about essentials although there might be need for more creativity as we hit climate breakdown,lack of resources, migrations and starvation! Eg cheap, safe ways to insulate, zero-waste might mean having to reuse all single-use plastic or find safe ways to make compost toilets (not waste water). Will need solar/local wind energy to keep gadgets going.

    Please educate for survival (including what’s happening in our oceans). NOAA warns of ocean overheating c 2034 with knock-on effects of even worse global overheating as the albedo effect at poles vanishes. Along with 70% planetary oxygen if the symbiotic relationship between whale excreta/krill/phytoplankton breaks down. Slowing Gulf Stream might mean Siberian conditions here too.

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