Support Local Charities and community centres

Local charities funded by Bradford Council have had their funding slashed over recent years despite added pressures to deliver services for some of the most vulnerable people within our communities. These charities are already identifying needs and doing their best to implement positive changes. Talk to them! They will use the money well as they care about the local community.

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1 comment on “Support Local Charities and community centres

  1. I feel there is a desperate need to assist recently arrived people such as asylum seekers & refugees who are being placed in Keighley with very little support. This can be done through existing charities. The Good Shepherd Centre based in Braithwaite/Guardhouse is in an ideal position to build on the work it already does with the local community around it which includes people from many & various backgrounds. Integration & community cohesion would be well served from investing in this kind of work.

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