Support local community centres

Money needs to be put into the local community centres that have had their funding cut and are only open due to volunteers, the centres are a hub within the community offering a safe place for the elderly and young to go to and if they close due to no funding coming in then there is nowhere for these vulnerable people to go.

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6 comments on “Support local community centres

  1. Communal exercise is good therapy for people trying to fight depression. Towards this effect, the Shipley public swimming pool and gym need an upgrade. At present the opening times cater to people that don’t work. This does not suit people that work full time, many of which live in Shipley and Saltaire. In Australia, gyms open with classes from 6am, yet there are no gyms in the area that do this. We need accessible gyms for busy working people to promote more active lifestyles. A Shipley gym and pool is a good location for people that do not own vehicles, because of good public transport links to this suburb.

  2. Definatley support needs to be invested into the youth as they are the next generation the future but whatever is invested has to enable the individuals to give back to society some sought of youth training as well as enjoyment programmes .

  3. Keith Thompson centre desperately in need of a new building or fixing up. It is the centre of the estate and a meeting point for young people and old.

  4. Kirkgate Community Centre is a wonderful place, high quality and varied activities for all sectors of the community. It need to stay funded and open.

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