Support SMEs who are struggling with covid impacts

A find for SMEs who have been adversely affected by CoVid whether through through lack of business due to social distancing advice or self-isolation or illness. Glastonbury thrives with small local independent businesses and if any of them fail to make it through the next few months it would be to the loss of the community.

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1 comment on “Support SMEs who are struggling with covid impacts

  1. If we receive the Grant that the Gov. has promised, then we will be ok. If not, then I’m not sure how long we can last!
    Our business is a family run vintage, retro & antiques ( Vintrotique ) shop with tea rooms.
    We closed the tea room, when instructed and we are due to close the shop tomorrow night (Tues 24th March) due to lack of footfall.
    So, if there was financial support, then it will be gratefully received

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