Support the return of the City’s football club to a facility that enables it to thrive as a community club.

The city council need to recognise the importance of its football club as an asset that is key to its community. WCFC recently became a supporter owned club- owned by the fans, the people of Worcester. It not only has a proud football history representing the city but it also serves the wider community socially, culturally, and economically using football as the medium to do so.

WCFC needs the opportunity to thrive as a community club in a location that enables it to flourish. The council should support Perdiswell.

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3 comments on “Support the return of the City’s football club to a facility that enables it to thrive as a community club.

  1. The city of Worcester needs its football club back where it belongs. All ages across the club will benefit from this happening. Will also bring the city as a whole back together and help the club grow as one!

  2. This sounds great, also it could be used to help build the community.
    A family friendly club, inviting in different local groups at half time to advertise, show their talent & also entertain the spectators. I’m thinking local kids teams in a 5min each way match, scouts, brownie groups or local Dance or gymnastics groups doing a display.
    Also running fun affordable fitness sessions to try a number of different sports not just football in the school holidays.
    Similar to the free multi sports in the parks.
    Many reasons alongside the obvious perks if having a family fun day out supporting the team.

  3. Worcester needs a football club to help everyone one enjoy this and get children involved. Needs to be owned by the people and not greedy people who sell of the ground and then the money disappears and no football club.

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