Support the town’s anchor attraction

The town’s Pleasureland has huge plans for an expanded leisure destination venue that will increase visitor numbers exponentially. I would love to see this – which is already welcomed by the council – supported with investment for jobs at the site, more footfall for the town, big changes and a huge fillip for the town’s retail businesses and local economy. It’s a win for employment, high street retail, hotels, pubs and restaurants and more – and it will attract people from all over the UK and further afield. This is a superb re-energise opportunity for Southport.

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5 comments on “Support the town’s anchor attraction

  1. Pleasure land has invested in Southport and continues to do so.

    The retail need lower rents and business rates to flourish. Visitors will decline if other areas are not supported to compliment pleasureland as it is seasonal.

    We need law enforcement station with holding cells as police have to travel to Liverpool for lock ups. More police on the streets to deter antisocial crime which impacts on leisure social visitors as well as local residents.

    We need a walk in centre for children and adults as Ormskirk and Liverpool are too far away for a tourist town.

  2. Southport has in the past attracted visitors, because of its diversity of shops, this has slowly been lost due to high rents /rates and the move to online shopping. Perhaps a move to more artisan businesses favouring locally sourced products, would be beneficial. Also I feel the beach should be cleared of the Marsh grass as used to happen, as at the moment it gives a poor impression of the town as if its unloved.

  3. This is Fabulous opportunity to make more improvements for such a beautiful town.Sadly it looses a lots of stores lately. Rent needs to be looked at and agreed with landlords.
    Southport need more tourist attractions any time of the year.Something that brings the tourists from towns/cities nearby. Something very unique.
    There is a Chill factor in Manchester which is well popular or perhaps something similar to Eden Project? Bring it on, surely it will be always busy. What public can do when weather isn’t great??.. they will stay indoors. Providing prices are acceptable so everyone can afford it.
    Government trying to employ more police to deal with crime and antisocial behaviour-fair enough.But it’s got to be looked from different aspects.. Younger generation unsure where to go or what to do as they or parents couldn’t afford ( sport clubs etc) From getting bored makes them to get involved in crime or antisocial behaviour. Bring on IT clubs where they can get educated ( reasonable prices) which possibly put them in to correct path and the future.
    Another issue and very important.. Southport require emergency treatment centre for children. If child is unwell time is precious and they need to be rushed all the way to Ormskirk,every minute counts.
    So looking forward to see our town to ‘shine bright’! And to see people being more happier:)

    Kind regards,

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