Surrounding Areas

The new council have or are trying to restore the marina day at Harrington.
So I ask can some of the cash if successful be spent on the marina at Harrington.

Dredge the harbour put gates on, make a investment an get boats docking in the harbour.
Pubs around the area would benefit the whole are would benefit.
Definitely worth a thought.

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2 comments on “Surrounding Areas

  1. Do up workington pier and the blocks, to get young children into fishing and for the walkers on there dinner brake get to walk along the top and down along the bottom.
    New steps down and a ramp for disabled people to access the lower part of the pier to end there depression of sitting at home every day.
    This pier was fantastic in it’s day for groups off children to learn to fish and get them out and in the Freash air.
    It all seem’s to be for cyclists who a vast majority don’t even use the cycle plane’s.
    The last council let thing’s fall apart then moaned that it would cost to much to make these places safe.
    Families can come back and sit on the shore and watch the birds and boat’s as I did as a child.

    1. Yes I agree I am only new to the area in the last 2 years I’m from London originally and I love Workington but the coast and the Pier need some repairs and more investment I love the beach but it looks like Workington council has let it slip.. it would encourage so many more visitors as the Lake District is beautiful but the coast is a terribly let down from Whitehaven through to Maryport

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