Sustainability benchmark

All other suggestions should be assessed against sustainability criteria. This needs to be a cross-cutting theme because everything we do is linked and affects the health and well-being of ourselves, our town and our world, now and in the future. If we are thinking of tourism, we should encourage hotels to be more sparing in their use of resources and we should encourage aspects of tourism which are less harmful, e.g. using public transport and avoiding single-use plastics and waste of water. We could develop nature tourism and promote understanding of the natural environment of our coast and moors. If we are talking about the economy, any ‘growth’ must be carbon-neutral and not use up finite resources; we should develop a circular economy. New buildings should be of sustainable materials and energy-neutral. We should use our own produce of land and sea, and not wastefully import and export so much. And any development must take account of the effects of climate change.

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