Sustainable Transport Corridor

Create safe cycle & pedestrian routes and promote public transport to main areas of employment and shopping, encouraging the move away from cars.

Create car free areas.

Build sustainable social housing with shared ownership as an option.

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9 comments on “Sustainable Transport Corridor

  1. Big big yes, Bournemouth could have safe and lovely access to any part of the city with bike as the City isnt huge but there isn’t any safe and good infrastructure. I wolud love to travel around with my kids in bike trolley but it is too risky now 🙁

  2. Create a safe cycle route, run this route from bournemouth as far as Wareham, run it along side the rail lines this could be a safe route for cycling I would cycle this distance to work as it would be safer.

  3. We need a park and ride my suggestion is to use land off the spur road to encourage drivers to leave their cars out of town.

  4. The government should seriously consider legislating to legalise the increasingly popular personal electric vehicles such as e-scooters.

    These are a green, affordable, congestion reducing transport method that really should be encouraged.

    Legislation would help this, and also serve to prevent manufacturers producing dangerously powerful models.

  5. Especially in the centre, this is what Bournemouth needs. We need to get people out of their cars and onto public transport because our roads just aren’t big enough. We also need to focus more on communal spaces to promote healthier living here in Bournemouth

  6. The Yellows have just cut our bus service number 4 on Saturday to every 40min instead of half hourly on the busiest shopping day of the week. So now cannot work put bus times without looking at timetable cause they are never at the same time an hour, and a lot of people can’t work out timetables stupid

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