Swimming pool

Swimming pool is one of the most important requirements for the town. Health & well-being for all ages is vital, the pool would help with a rehabilitation & general fitness.

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5 comments on “Swimming pool

  1. Definitely a swimming pool . I have an 8 year old little girl who cannot swim . She loved her swimming lessons and I think it is very much needed by all in town

  2. A swimming pool is desperately needed in Millom. It will help both the young and old. The young to learn how to swim safely, without having the need to travel miles away and the older people to keep more agile and help with recovery when people have had operations on knees and arms!! A small cafe on site would also help generate income.

  3. We need a new pool to help with the health and wellness of all ages. From the young ones to learn to swim and all ages to help with fitness and enjoyment .

  4. A swimming pool would benefit the town the most. People wouldn’t have to drive an hour to use a pool. Kids can have lessons again, reducing the risk of drowning in out water surrounded town.

  5. After taking the pool away, due to being out dated and costly, surely we all need it replacing now. As well as encouraging a healthy life style, it’s social aspects are important too.

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