Swimming pool/sports centre

Would like to see a swimming pool, one that’s big enough to host competition to bring people from out of millom to the town. Having this with a sports centre would be added plus.

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2 comments on “Swimming pool/sports centre

  1. The kids that live on the coast need to learn to swim.Also if part of a leisure centre it would draw tourists who like to keep up their regime even on holiday.With all the rugby ,football, gymnastics etc it can only be an asset to the town .

  2. We are in desperate need of a swimming pool. Children are missing hours of school every week in order to travel to swimming lessons as we no longer have a local pool suitable. In an area surrounded by water it is essential that we have facilities to teach our youngsters how to swim. Also we do not have an appropriate sports centre. The staff work very hard to provide activities for the town, (and gymnasts travel in from many other surrounding areas) but there is inadequate space for storage and activities. Heavy gymnastic equipment (ideally designed to be left in place) has to be constantly moved around. Also the floor is concrete, so really not ideal for teaching our youngsters to tumble on. Even with good quality mats on top, Olympic gymnasts have commented that they would not tumble on them!! Unfortunately the sports centre does not have an aerobics room either, so although the sports centre does it’s best, if an aerobics session is following football etc the floor can often be pretty dusty and dirty. The sports facilities are definately less than adequate for a town with so many adults and children involved in sport and a gym club that already attracts many gymnasts from outside the area.

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