We would greatly benefit from electing a new council with different approaches in all areas. It spends yearly budgets on nothing worthwhile or helpful to leyland and its citizens, the roads are shocking and nearly as bad are the pavements, parks are dull and left to rot are wooded areas, town centre is like something youmsee on heartbeat and yet we sell green belt land instead of renovating exsisting structures and also sell and brown site land to property investers for peanuts to cover contaminated land. LCC is no better with waste water treatment facilities built under Lancashire buisness park kept a secret and lead us to believe the treatment plant is elsewhere. There are people in and around Leylands governing bodies that use our town and people as cash cows to satisfy their own deluded ego’s which they consider themselves owed something for nothing because thats what they have done for Leyland. From being promised a new town centre in 1996 and again in 2002 to the Leyland master p

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