Tackling Drug Abuse and Improving Mental Health for all

Think money should be spent improving mental health waiting times, helping those struggling with drug abuse to make plans for the future and helping them stick to goals with one on one guidance and to help them find shelter in the mean while. Also think money could be spent on getting spike coasters in all bars to combat increase of spikings and sexual assaults. Believe money should also be used to increase care assistants for the elderly to help reduce pressure on overworked NHS nurses. Some money could also be used for prizes for competitions in schools such as making posters on key issues Grimsby faces such as youth violence, drug abuse and underage drinking. This will increase awareness in schools and posters can be put up in common places like towns, pubs and hospitals to inform wider public. Whats left to should go towards volunteer charities like Navigo that provide inclusive clubs. 🙂

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