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Bournemouth needs to firstly work on the homeless, there are a lot of homeless around and they need to do something for them.
Bournemouth also needs to stop the drug dealers… especially on old Christ church road! It is clear to say the majority of them on that road are drug dealers and something needs to be done about it!
Bournemouth needs to get retail back up and running in the town and make the streets cleaner, scrub any graffiti, get up the chewing gum and place more flowers everywhere.
Bournemouth needs to invest somewhere for kids – I understand there are a few places out of town like Moors Valley and stuff but they need something in the centre for them… somewhere like that new Lidl next to the Halfords is so pointless when there is Aldi, Tesco, Lidl Co-OP and a Lidl In Bournemouth town.. they should have invested that for something for kids and people with disabilities
The main thing is the drug dealers get sorted out

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