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  1. A growing and developing town with new housing and attracting new people needs to ensure facilities keep pace.
    We are very fortunate to have a hospital and to lose this would be a travesty. The hospital needs investment to enable it also to grow and develop in line and at a similar (or quicker) pace to that of the town in general.
    Highly important.

  2. Although I agree that a hospital needs funding, this is a perpetual need. What is the point of opening new wards on one off funds if there is no pot to maintain the same level of funding?

  3. 100% should be going to the hospital its crazy how little funding its getting and they just keep taking departments away, the maternity ward needs to be reopened Redditch is huge and its ridicules that you need to travel out of Redditch for it.

  4. I think it should go to the hospital. Bring back the children’s ward and maternity department. Travelling to Worcester (although it’s an amazing hospital, can’t praise the staff enough after I gave birth there 6 months ago) is to much when you’re in labour, and especially is you don’t drive trying to get there is scary, it adds more stress to the pregnancy. Children need a local hospital where they can be seen quickly without travelling to far.

  5. The hospital needs it. There’s barely any staff or services there now. The closest hospitals for serious injury/illness is either Birmingham or Worcester. The hospital needs to be put back to how it was so the local community know it’s a place they can rely on.

  6. The hospital needs URGENT funding but not a loan it needs proper and substantial funding for the future, major housing company’s should be made as part of the planning permission to prove the health services are there which in redditch they are not. Worcester Royal is already beyond Critical levels as it is.

  7. Totally agree. The hospital is already there maximise its potential and people of redditch have campaigned hard ‘save the Alex’ for this. The hospital needs to have more services within it and this can take some pressure of Worcester as well as making people’s lives easier as the Alex is easier to get to if you live in redditch and surrounding areas

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