The Green House

I suggest that money is invested in what was the mini-zoo in Centre Vale Park as as space for families with under fives. It should be built as a small eco-building with seedum roof, harvested rain water, and composting toilets. There are many models on which this could work: leased as a very small scale nursery during the week based on a forest school model), and staffed with volunteers during weekends; or as a staffed space to be used with a mix of families with young children, childminders, and local childcare providers (with visiting local artists, crafts people, growers: this can be funded through grant schemes like the National Lottery) throughout the week.

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2 comments on “The Green House

  1. I really like this idea. Our park is one of the jewels in the crown in Todmorden. During the pandemic the park has been a godsend, beautifully used and enjoyed.

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