The High Street, One way system

Open a small cinema like the Depo in Lewes in the old libertiys building above the library. It could server food and drinks. Knock down the coop building and carpark to build new houses/flats, shops, carpark and a hotel, there were rumours about this but nothing happend. Try to incorage a bakers, green grocers and a butcher to open in the HIgh Street. Redevelop the swimming pool. Bulid a new road from Peachaven, with a river crossing to the north of the town linking it to the A26. This would benefit both towns and help reduce pollution. Provide a free half hourly minibus service covering all areas of the town, run and owned buy the town council.

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5 comments on “The High Street, One way system

  1. Love the idea of a small community run cinema above the library. The building is owned by ESCC so just a peppercorn rent could be charged to help it.
    Not sure selling drinks and snacks will actually prove profitable, unless volunteers can be encouraged to staff any facilities there to keep the prices comparable with local shops, otherwise people will just bring their own.

  2. There seems to be very little existing CCTV except for private ones. Police walk round asking where it is after particularly bad fights.


    Every week day the Town Centre suffers a lot from indiscriminate and uncontrolled pavement parking by all types of vehicles,cars to delivery trucks and even taxis.
    Vehicles drive right on to the full pavement blocking access for child buggies, mobility scooters and pedestrians. This is a dangerous practice to all street users and liable to result in persons being injured or worse.It is particularly bad in the area near the “Poundstretcher Store” and higher up outside “Boots Chemist” to the “Londis shop”,but often this unruly parking takes place anywhere on the street from the Bridge Hotel through to Dees Newsagency.

    There are only designated 2 parking lay-bys in the High Street accommodating 2-3 car sized vehicles in each. These bays are supposed to be short term loading but some vehicles are there for hours. The free1 Hour parking in Dacre Road Car Park has not resolved the situation,because drivers know there is little chance of getting caught due to infrequent parking control officers visiting the area.

    At certain places along the street, the pavement has considerable and sufficient width for at least two more short term “15 minute”bays, for about two cars in each. These could be staggered accordingly. This would increase Short Term Parking availability to approximately 10 spaces,giving delivery people a reasonable opportunity to carry out their work. The balance of the pavement/s could have additional bollards the along the edge,similar to those already installed,preventing pavement parking.

    In addition,a more radical consideration could be to reverse the direction of flow,that is from the Ship Hotel corner up the High Street,to converting the flow from Saxon House in Meeching Road to travel down the street towards the Ship and Bridge Hotels corner. This would put more emphasis on traffic wanting to “visit” the High Street to use the Dacre Road Car Park as they nearly go by the entrance before entering the start of the one way. Such a change would also help to break the culture and lazy behaviour as happens currently.The existing traffic lights at Denton Island corner could be programmed by in road sensors to allow for the moderate increase in vehicles leaving the town Centre from that junction,and be coordinated for pedestrians crossing to/from the riverside.

    The final control of parking could either be increased presence, or a designated Parking control Officer to attend this and other problem parking hot spots in Newhaven, or, use the existing CCTV cameras to issue automatic tickets for those bent on creating a danger and nuisance to residents,traders and visitors.

  4. I agree that if they can’t find a tenant for the co-OP then it should be repurposed, either as a hotel for ferry passengers (the Drove is always full) for flats for young families, social housing tenants. Traffic flow really needs some creative thought. I would reopen Murray avenue so that local traffic could circumvent the ring road and have a new opening where the new houses are being built in the valley. At the same time I would get the road over the Highway that comes out by the garage at Peacehaven adopted and made up to accommodate all the traffic that will result from the new buildings proposed in the marina and in the quarry. Fort road just can’t cope. These measures will help relieve the pressure on the ring road and make sufficient alternatives to not make any one route overburdened.

  5. Very much in favour of the cinema. Would bring people into the town centre in the evenings and on weekends, which could end up reducing vandalism and threatening behaviour if there were a lot of people around. Increased town centre housing would also help.

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